Costume Contest/Cosplay


The costume contest at Mobile Bay Anime Festival will take place on Saturday, April 27th at 4:30PM and will consist of two categories: 13 and up (Adult) and 12 and under (Children).

Go to Cosplay Central to register; entrants will have their picture taken (in costume) and give the name of the character they are cosplaying as well as contact information (you cannot enter both the individual and group contests).

Cosplayers/costumers can then feel free to enjoy the remainder of the day until the contest begins. At that time, a parade of costumes will commence, and then the winners will be announced.

Winners will be chosen in the following categories:

Overall Costume (Adult)
Best Group or Duo

1. To enter the costume contest, go to the Cosplay Central booth to register. Cut off for entering the contest will be 2:30 PM.

2. At registration, leave your name and who/what you are dressed as.

3. You must be IN COSTUME at the stage before the beginning of the contest for the announcement of the winners. If you aren’t sure you can do so, please do not enter. At the beginning of the contest, a parade of costumes will commence, and then the winners will be announced. In the event of a winner not being in attendance at the time of announcement, their prize will be forfeited.

4. Prizes will be awarded as follows:

Overall Costume (Adult)
1st – TBD
2nd – TBD
3rd – TBD

Best Group or Duo

Children (12 and under)

*Vendor certificates are essentially gift certificates that can be used at any vendor at the convention.

5. Remember to have fun. It’s supposed to be.


1. Shoes are required at all times while in the public areas of the convention center. Even if a cosplay character goes barefoot, the cosplayer must wear shoes.

2. Costumes and daily wear shall not expose the body in such a way as to be deemed indecent exposure.

3. All costumes worn within the convention center must fit through a standard doorway. Any attendee wearing a bulky costume, or one with poor visibility, should have a handler available to escort him/her. In addition, please ensure any bulky costume is properly ventilated to prevent heat stroke.

4. Any metal items used for cosplays are not allowed to have sharp or pointed edges that could potentially cause injury.

5. No costume or prop may generate odor, smoke, or fog.

6. Cosplay props are to be checked in with security at the registration area before they will be allowed in the convention area.

7. All weapons must be non-working and peace bonded. Security will peace-bind any props, and attendees will assume responsibility that they have read this policy and agree to follow the rules as outlined in it.

8. Any violation of a peace-bind will result in an immediate loss of prop privileges.

9. No functioning projectile weapons.

10. If security deems a prop dangerous or harmful it will not be allowed. This will be decided on a case by case basis.

11. Attendees will not brandish, point, flail, play-fight, run with, or use their prop in any kind of threatening manner.

12. Inappropriate conduct with any camera (video or photo) will be grounds for removal of convention privileges, up to and including revocation without a refund.

13. If you want to take a photo of a cosplayer, it’s proper form to ask first. Most will be happy to oblige and pose fiercely.

14. Most importantly…
A. Have fun.
B. Don’t be a jerk.